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Delete a Tumblr Account

  When it comes to microblogging Tumblr is the most used website. If you are Tumblr user it needs no introduction. The social networking and microblogging website is pretty awesome but sometimes you may feel that you have used too much of the website or wish to keep away from the social world. If the

How to Delete your League of Legends Account

How to Delete your League of Legends Account, League of Legends Account cannot be deleted directly but you can disable your account which is equivalent to account deletion. Once you have deactivated your account Riot Games takes 15 days to process your deletion request. League of Legends is a multiplayer game that is loved by

Delete PayPal Account

PayPal is an online payments company that enables money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to the traditional banking system. With access to PayPal, one can manage their money skipping the trip to the bank. Using PayPal you can transfer money, e-commerce, pay online, payment security and payment processing. If you no longer need

Delete Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking portals with over 1.86 active users per month. It offers a user-friendly portal through which you can connect with your friends and share photos and videos. If you feel that the social networking has been keeping you away from important chores or wish to keep off

Delete WeChat Account

WeChat is a messaging application available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian phones. It is developed by Tencent. Using WeChat one can send instant messages, share media, location sharing and video games. If you have used too much of the messaging application and now wish to keep off, you can Delete WeChat Account following the guidelines provided

Delete Coursera Account

Steps on How to Delete Coursera Account is here. Coursera is an online education site that offers online study material. The venture based education portal is available in 12 languages. At Coursera one can find a wide range of online courses and degrees. It works with universities providing 2000 courses to over 24 million students. If you

How to Delete Vine Account

Are you looking for the same guidelines “How to Delete Vine Account” If you are tired you watching vines you can get rid of your account following easy steps. How to Delete Vine Account still remains a common question. Vine is an online portal where one can share short video clips. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OSX, Xbox

How to Delete Messages from Facebook

“How to Delete Messages from Facebook” is a common question people ask every day. Although Facebook facilitates its users with a secure online portal, sometimes you avoid keeping your private material on your chat history. This saves your personal data to be disclosed and privacy hampered when your account is hacked. Moreover, sometimes it happens