How to Delete a Tumblr Account

Delete a Tumblr Account

When it comes to microblogging Tumblr is the most used website. If you are Tumblr user it needs no introduction. The social networking and microblogging website is pretty awesome but sometimes you may feel that you have used too much of the website or wish to keep away from the social world.

If the scenario is of such a kind then you must be willing to delete your Tumblr account. Deleting account must be a hard time for you as Tumblr does not feature an easy delete button. Moreover, you won’t find easy account deletion guidelines on the web. As an online expert, I am here to assist you with the account deletion procedure.

How to Delete

Step 1– To get started with the deletion procedure you need to tap open the Tumblr app or open Tumblr through your web browser (

Step 2– If you are already logged in you can visit this link for direct deletion.

Step 3– In the next step Tumblr will display an account deletion section that reads “Now just a minute”. Delete your account means erasing everything including themes, username messages and the tokens of love. If you still wish to go ahead fetch your email and password in the white box below.

How to Delete a Tumblr Account

Finally, tap the “Delete Everything” button. Tumblr will now display a message that appears just as shown below. If you have any further queries you may feel free to get in touch with us through the comment box below.

How to Delete a Tumblr


How to Deactivate a Tumblr Account Temporarily

This is a common query of the Tumblr users. As most of the folks are willing to deactivate their account for a short span of time I am here to help you out with the deactivation.

Step 1– Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section found under the account menu on the account management console.

Step 2– Now you should tap on the blog name you wish to delete. You just need to keep your username and password handy and you are ready to go.


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