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Last updated on December 12th, 2017 at 01:04 pm

At Login Helps you can find guidelines to explore the job search engine and review site. The company was founded by Robert Hohman and Rich Barton in the year 2007. It is one of the leading job portals operational in 15 countries. This blog contains Glassdoor salary and company information, interview information, Glassdoor Job listings and how to post a salary or company review on Glassdoor.

Are you willing to seek a career through Glassdoor? Below you can find salaries, reviews, and jobs. However, if you still have queries you can feel free to contact us using the ‘Contact us’ section on our blog.

Glassdoor Login

Step 1– To access your Glassdoor account visit the login page (

Glassdoor Online Login

Step 2– Simply enter the Email Address and Password in the sign section. Users can also login with Google or Facebook.

Glassdoor Company Salaries

Glassdoor features a user-friendly section on its website to search salaries and compensation. Read below to find a detailed instruction.

Step 1– Use this Link ( to go the Company Salaries page of Glassdoor.

Step 2– As the web page opens a search section will be displayed on the screen. Now you can look for companies and jobs. Fetch in a job title or company name in the white box and click on the search icon.

Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor Company Salaries

Step 3– You will be redirected to a new webpage that shows search results. You can now find a list of related searches.

Glassdoor Interviews Questions

Are you Seeking assistance with interview questions? This has always been a matter of great concern. At Glassdoor one can search interview questions which prove a great source of information for job seekers. The interviews section lets you know the questions you might be asked in the upcoming interview.

You can search Interview Questions reading the guidelines below:

Step 1– To go through the job questions the user must open the interview questions page.

Step 2– You can get answers through the search section found at the center of the screen. Refer to the picture below to locate the search section.

How to Post a Company Review or Salary

Writing a company review or Glassdoor has been much easier than ever. You just need to sign into your account then submit your company review. Millions of users search every day asking “How to write a company review on Glassdoor”. The Login Help team is here to help you on this topic. Scroll down and have a nice time posting a company review at Glassdoor.

Step 1– Click here Link to Sign into your Glassdoor account.

Glassdoor Company Salaries

Step 2– In this step, the user will be required to provide his/her personal information. Enter your job title, location, and other optional information.

Step 3– Rate a company providing the following details:

  • Employer Name
  • Overall Rating
  • Employment Title
  • Review Title
  • Pros (includes some basic reasons to join work)
  • Cons (includes some demerits)
  • Advice to Management

Glassdoor Find a Job

Step 4– Add a Salary in the next step and you are ready to go.

Glassdoor Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have taken over the web world. Now one can access the job portal from their comfort zone. You can find the apps on the Google Play Store and App Store. Click on the links below to install the Glassdoor application on your Android or iOS powered device.




How to Post a Company Review or Salary


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