Google Site Kit – A One Stop Solution for WordPress Users

GOOGLE is widely known to bring out innovation in technology. The Site Kit by Google is a great measure which makes blogging more fun for WordPress users. Did you know almost 40% of the sites in the world are powered by WordPress! It has been popular for functionality through plugins. If you have just heard about the Site Kit Plugin then we are here with a complete guide to the Google Site Kit.

In simple words or in a nutshell Sit Kit is a one-stop solution by the search engine giant which packs features that allow you to be successful on the internet. Especially WordPress users would find the plugin handy. If you are a WordPress user then you can even get into the developer beta mode and get a test drive of the plugin.

What is the Google Site Kit?

With the advent of the site kit, the web has been receiving huge searches for what is the Google Site Kit. Interestingly we have a gather the complete information on the Site Kit after a long hassle. Google launched it in the WordCamp US 2018. Since the past year, it has been under testing by WordPress developers. Based on the user data the plugin has been useful to many of the developers.

Here are some of the prominent benefits of the Site Kit plugin:

The Google Site Kit comes loaded with plenty of features. It enables WordPress developers to take a test drive and explore its features. You can also explore the plugin at

  • With the plugin, one can get seamless site verification with the Google Search Console.
  • One can now configure AdSense, Tag Manager, Analytics and Optimize site in a much better manner.
  • Aggregation and per page reporting from the search console, analytics and AdSense has been simplified.
  • The stats on the dashboard help you to get a clear picture of the site data.
  • One could get Page Speed stats and a seamless site performance auditing.
  • Per page reporting allows the user to get a complete acquisition of the monetization system.

What are the Different Google Products Connected with Site Kit?

Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit Features


Google Search Console

The search console by Google is one of the most crucial things bloggers find handy. It features information that lets the user get a picture of how Google’s system or crawlers discover and render your pages. You can render page stats and track the performance of your site. It can be connected to the site kit for better user experience and functionality.


If you have been associated with site management or blogging then you must have used the Google Analytics before. It has acute functionality and allows you to check how much page views your site is receiving. You can check how users navigate across your site, bounce rate, behavior, acquisition and much more.

PageSpeed Insights

The page speed of your website is equally important as other activities such as SEO, content publishing and more. You need to understand the importance of page speed in the real world. Google PageSpeed lets you see how your pages perform in comparison to other sites on the web. Once you get a view of your page speed you can improve performance and watch your site reaching heights.

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Why is Google Sit Kit Useful?

This is one of the most prominent questions asked by users across the web! Well, this is interesting on the other hand as putting answers to the functionality of the plugin has been fun for me in the past days.

  • Easy to Set Up– The Site Kit is handy as it is easy and can be set up quickly in 3 simple steps. You need to simply navigate to the stats and complete the set up in a matter of few minutes.
  • Get Good News Instantly– You can get good news without much await. Instead of checking your analytics and stats you can view how well your site has done.
  • View the Status of a Particular Page– One can check the stats of a particular page too. Directly open the admin bar to view the statistics.


Procedure to Install Google Site Kit Plugin [Beta] On WordPress

If you have read the guide above you might be clear about the Site Kit Plugin. Now it’s time to install it on your WordPress website.

  • In order to get started with installing the plugin one needs to download the setup kit using the URL here.
  • Download the ZIP file on your computer/laptop then open your WordPress dashboard and upload it.
  • Uploading is simple as you need to extract the file and install as any regular plugin install.
  • After the upload is complete you need to ‘Activate’ it to make it ready for use.
  • Once it is done you will find a Welcome screen and options for set up, as shown in the image below.

Install Google Site Kit Plugin [Beta] On WordPress


  • Now if you have completed the set up you will be familiar with the Google Cloud Platform and OAuth.
  • Select the OAuth link in order to generate client ID for your website and copy and paste the code for authentication purposes.
  • Now the user is required to verify the URL, connect the Search Console to complete the setup.

After you have done the above-mentioned steps you need to wait for a while until Google begins to render your pages in the Search Console through Google Analytics which gets started with showing up AdSense Ads.


The Bottom Line

At the end of the conversation, we wish you find the guide handy. Well, this was all we could provide you on the Google Site Kit Plugin, the overview, and installation process. You can let us know your remarks through the comments section below. Wish you Good Luck!!


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