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Last updated on December 12th, 2017 at 12:59 pm

The online portal developed by the job portal lets the users find jobs using a one search feature. Find all USA jobs and search millions of jobs from thousands of job boards, newspapers, classifieds and company websites on The job portal is open to both job seekers and job providers. is a free job portal no job seeker should ignore There are a lot of ways to find a job, but only some can claim to find you the best job that suits you and matches your comfort. At Indeed Jobs one can find plenty of jobs through a user-friendly search console. Indeed updates over 65,000 jobs every week. Indeed Jobs is available in 60 countries including the United States and Canada.

There are many job portals assuring the users of a job. Unfortunately, not everyone is satisfied with their current workplace. If you have discovered Indeed Jobs read the guidelines below to apply for a job, Indeed vacancies, upload a resume and post a job as an employer.

How to Search by Indeed

Indeed Job is one of the best job seeker tools for every individual who is struggling to find a job.

Step 1– To search for a job at Indeed one needs to go to the homepage (

Indeed Jobs Search by Indeed

Step 2– As you open the URL the search section will be displayed at the center of the screen, as illustrated in the picture below.

Step 3– The user can search by job title, company name or keywords then enter his/her city, state or zip code in the next box. Once the required information is provided, tap on the blue button that reads “Find Jobs”.

Indeed Job will now display a list of relevant search material. Now the user can check out the job offers and apply for the one that well suits them.

How to Upload a Resume

Find jobs through Indeed by creating and uploading a resume. Submitting a resume may have plenty of advantages. It enables employers to get in touch with you sooner without much hassle and provides you a priority.

Step 1– Open the resume upload page of Indeed Job.

Indeed How to Upload a Resume

Step 2– At the center of the screen a section will be displayed with a label “Create an Indeed Resume”.

Step 3– Tap on the “Upload Resume” button if you already have a resume in your documents.

Indeed Job Upload Resume

Step 4– If you want to start from the scratch you must click on the “Build a Resume” button. This will enable you to first create a resume then submit it.

How to Sign into Indeed Job

Users who are willing to upload a resume or explore additional features must log into their Indeed Job account.

Step 1– Open the sign in homepage and you will find the ‘sign in’ section at the center.

How to Sign into Indeed Job

Step 2– Type the email address in the blank box and provide the account login password below. Finally hit “Sign in” and you will be allowed to access the account management console.

How to Join Indeed Job | Create an Indeed Job Account

Just discovered the job portal? You can create an account with no subscription charges paid.

Step 1– To get started go to the sign-up page and complete the following fields:

  • Email Address
  • Re-Type Email
  • Password

Step 2– Click on the “Create Account” button and your account is ready for use.


Indeed Jobs for Employers

This section is added to our blog for business who are willing to hire personals through the Indeed Job network. So, if you have started a new business you can find employees at

Step 1– Indeed for employers portal can be accessed here, Link.

Step 2– As the below-mentioned image shows you will find the “Post Job” button on the left of the web page.

Indeed Jobs for Employers

Step 3– Create an account reading the sign-up instructions above and you can post a free job ad.

Indeed Job Help Center

The help desk of Indeed Job is ready to help the job seekers as well as the employers. To open the help center home page click here Link.

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