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How to Link Sarahah Account with your Snapchat Account

Sarahah Account and Snapchat linking
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How to Link Sarahah Account with Snapchat’ one of the most searched questions indeed. Sarahah is one of the most trending social networking platforms. If you have already used Sarahah you may be aware of the site. If not then let me tell you that this is a platform that features a messaging section that does not display the name of the sender. So using Sarahah you can complement or comment on anyone in a proxy manner.

This sounds really interesting! Well, the scenario has grown more interesting. Users can even link their Sarahah Account with their Snapchat Account. Sarahah and Snapchat both have grown as an addition to teenagers. As usual, login helps is here to bring its readers some useful content. Just scroll down and enjoy social networking. There are two methods of linking Sarahah with Snapchat. I have explained both of them in detail. If one does not work well you can try out the other one.

Link Sarahah Account with your Snapchat

Step 1– To begin with the procedure the user should open Snapchat on his/her smartphone. Click on the ‘Snap’ icon in order to capture a video or picture and go ahead.

Step 2– Now you need to click on the paperclip button that is found at the right of the screen. Fetch the Sarahah account user URL and Snapchat will display a username which will read link this ‘’.

Step 3– Till here if everything goes alright click the ‘Go’ button or you can also click on the search icon to locate your Sarahah profile.

Step 4– Once your profile is found you can link it using the button that reads ‘Attach to Snap’.

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If you have trouble following this method you can try out this one. For further queries feel free to ask in the comments section.

Step 1– Open the Snapchat app on your device and hit the ‘Snap’ icon to proceed with the linking procedure.

Step 2– Go ahead to the ‘paper clip’ section as said in the first method. In the next step, you will be required to feed in ‘’ in the search box and click on ‘Go’.

Step 3– Click the ‘Login’ button and log into your account using the Sarahah login credentials.

Step 4– Tap open your profile and click the button that is labeled ‘Attach to Snap’. Now you are ready to used Sarahah in association with Snapchat. This would really be an amazing experience!


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