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Last updated on June 6th, 2018 at 04:58 pm

OKCupid is an online dating platform that lets the users join for free and find a partner. The OKCupid Login platform can be accessed via any mobile or computer browser.  For over a few years OKCupid has helped millions of people find the perfect partner for themselves. Dating sites have always been a great helping hand to singles. If you are looking for steps on how to log into OKCupid, I am here to help you assist you through the procedure.

Signing into your OKCupid account you can search for singles near you, keep a track of who all have viewed your profile, accept and send chat requests, send messages and more. Simply scroll down and you are a step closer to logging in.

How to Login

Step 1– Returning users of OKCupid should go to www.okcupid.com. Look towards the top right of the webpage and click on the “Sign In” button.

OKCupid Sign in

Step 2– Now a login section will be displayed on your computer/mobile screen. Provide your email or username and password in the white spaces and hit the button tagged “Let’s Go”.

How to Login to OKCupid

You can also sign in using your Facebook account.


Forgot Password

Unable to access your OkCupid account? You may have lost your password or must be facing some technical issue. You can retrieve password taking help of the steps below.

Step 1– To set a new password the users should proceed to the login section of OKCupid and click on the “Forgot your Password?” link, as pictured below.

OKCupid Reveiws

Step 2– Now you will be needed to enter your username or email linked to your account. Tap ‘Send’ and check your email inbox for a new password.

OKCupid Mobile Application

Mobile Login

Dating apps work best on smartphones, as you can receive notifications, give an instant response to messages, chat with new people anytime and from wherever you feel like. Click on the download links to get the OKCupid application on your smartphone.




OKCupid Mobile Login

OKCupid Reviews

Before you join OKCupid you can have a look at the review below. Well, if you look at the overall rating provided by the users OKCupid has been rated 9 out of 10.


  • The online dating portal is completely free to use. All the basic features have no cost to browse.
  • The website is designed as per the comfort of the user.
  • The A-list is less costly when compared to other online dating sites. Moreover, the A-list offers really impressive features.
  • The search tools are great and are more effective while searching for a partner.


  • Sometimes people do not give much importance to okcupid.com, as it’s free to sign up.
  • There a limited means of communication. You won’t find flirts or other shortcuts.


OKCupid Sign Up

Just discovered OKCupid? You can join the best free dating site just following an easy procedure.

Step 1– Visit www.okcupid.com and scroll down to find the sign-up section. Select a type and gender and tap ‘Continue’ to go ahead.

OKCupid Create Account

Step 2– For a faster checkout you can sign up using Facebook, or provide the following details:

  • Birthdate
  • Location
  • Zip Code
  • Email

OKCupid Create Account

Step 3– Finally you need to select a Username and Password for your account. Click ‘Done’ and you are ready to go.

OKCupid Create a new account


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