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PUBG Game Play Explained | what is PUBG?

Is PUBG Free? How much will PUBG cost on Xbox? There are a broad array of questions that need to be answered. Therefore our team is here to bring everything you need to know about PUBG Gameplay. The PUBG Tips below will guide you through the advanced level of the game.

PUBG Beginners Guide Everything you need to know

There is a wide range of hacks that you need to be aware of while playing PUBG. It is not a typical shooter instead you need to gain a wide range of skills to survive, not to get the usual shooter strategy.

However, the existing gaming peaks are a secret. In fact, most of the high scorers target towards finishing emerging tournaments. The high ranking players always seem to rely on the ‘boring’ stealth strategies like seeing the final gunfight at the end of a round, hiding offshore boats and much more.

Besides, there is a lot of mid-sized game kills that can drive your gear off to an adequate level. At the verdict, if you are discovered in the bush, it helps to locate how to shoot the one who located you.

Simply scroll down in order to know the flow of the game:

  • The user would tend to give raise in the plane while selecting somewhere to land. We have accumulated a specific walkthrough of the Best PUBG Shoot locations on Miramar and Erangel. However, the abridged version of the application here is handy when a user is willing to keep off high traffic areas such as prominent towns and cities.
  • When you are geared up, striving to run out of elements to loot prior to the electric field shuts down. It is a case of heading towards the white circle. You will need to center the secure point to reset, loot and protect yourself. Howbeit the number of players would tend to downshift gradually until you preferably reach a minimum number of 10-15 players.
  • At the point of time when all strategies are in vain, luckily you have the final part which is the most useful. Here the player will have to go through the advanced tip for winning the game to the final death fight.


I have often come across questions that ask what is PUBG? Player unknown Battlegrounds is a multiplayer survival game that is ruling the hearts of lads across the globe. The game is functional of all platforms such as Xbox One and PC.

The same PUBG Corporation backs the versions of the game available for Xbox One and PC. The team that has been working on the Xbox version of the game has been showered with extra support from Microsoft.

However, in the end, you would find the Xbox version of the PUBG unique and more thrilling!  The battlegrounds run at 30 frames per seconds. Moreover, the Xbox One X supports a 4X resolution taking gaming to the pro level. Sadly, players on the Xbox and PC would be hindered from playing together at a launch. It is expected that cross play would be enabled for the players of the game.

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