US Bank Pre Approved Credit Card Offer | Accept U.S. Bank Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer

The U.S Bank Pre-Approved Credit Card offer is an initiative taken by the U.S Bank for its potential customers. If you wish to get the pre-approved credit card offer from U.S. Bank then you need to go to and fetch in your complete name, address, and SSN. Once you have entered personal information the bank will send you a pre-approved credit card invitation based on your credit report.

However, in order to get the U.S Bank Pre-Approval for a credit card you need to keep your personal information handy and have an internet connected device. Keep in mind that when you are filling basic information for the pre-approved offer, you are not actually applying for a U.S Bank Credit Card.

Even if you receive the pre-approved credit card offer in the mail, you are not completely eligible to get a credit card. After that, you need to fill the required contact and financial data to receive a U.S Bank Credit Card in the mail.

How to Get U.S Bank Pre- Approval for a Credit Card

Step 1– To begin the procedure you need to open the pre-approval page [] of the U.S Bank.

Step 2– Once the website opens there will be a section to check whether you are pre-qualified. Enter the following data to go ahead:

  • Complete Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Email Address
  • Select which feature you want the most in your credit card

Accept a U.S. Bank Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer

Step 3– Check the box below to accept the terms and click on the button labeled ‘Find my Offers’.


Accept a U.S. Bank Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer

If you have already enrolled for the pre-qualification offer then you can accept the credit card offer following the guide below:

Step 1– Visit the acceptance page of the U.S Bank Get My Offer.

U.S Bank Pre- Approval for a Credit Card

Step 2– Scroll down and there will be an offer confirmation section. Enter Confirmation Code and Zip Code and click ‘Continue to Offer’.

Step 3– Enter all the information required and your credit card will be sent via mail.

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