How to Get the Harris Gold Card | Harris County Gold Card Application

Harris County Gold Card Application is a somewhat complicated process. However, we have eased the procedure of getting a Harris County Gold Card. There is no online application process for the card, you need to use the application by mail facility offered by the issuer. The Gold Card is made for individuals with low income so that they can also get quality health care. The healthcare services are not completely free but there is a wide range of privileges. Read on for every information related to the Harris County Gold Card.

How to Get a Harris Health Plan

If you want to Apply for Harris Gold card, then you need to get these documents:

  • Identification
  • Birth certificates for dependents.
  • Proof of residency(bills or other documents)
  • Income or paycheck stubs
  • If applicable: INS documents, Medical letter, Medicare id,
  • A social security award letter
  • TANF certification, credit card statements, bank statements

If you want more details, then see the Eligibility Requirement. You must also fill out an application form, which is available in English, Spanish or Vietnamese. Drop off your completed application form, along with copies of the necessary documents.

Harris County Gold Card Application Guide

Step 1– If you have the above-mentioned information handy you can get the Harris County Gold Card. To apply you must download the application form which looks as below:

Harris County Gold Card Application


Step 2– Complete the application form and drop it at the address mentioned here:

Family Houston
4625 Lillian St.
Houston, TX 77007

How to Activate Harris County Gold Card

If you have received your Harris Gold credit card in the mail then you can activate it for making purchases by visiting at


Check Application Status

Applicants of the Harris Gold credit card can check the status of their application by visiting the official website of this credit card and provide their reference number to know their application status.


How to Log into Harris County Gold Card

Step 1: If any cardholder wants to login into your account then you need to visit the login page of Harris Gold Credit Card, which is [].

Step 2: For logging in, enter username, password and in next click “Sign in” button. Then the system will direct you to the account management console from where one can pay bills online, view statements and more.


Harris County Gold Card Customer Service Information

Ask My Nurse: 713-634-1110

Get Eligibility information: 713-566-6509


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